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Is feminism its own ideal abuser? Part III: Using Intimidation

In the first entry in this series I noted that patriarchal dominance theory informs feminist anti-violence programs, such as the Duluth Model, which is the model used most commonly by police forces to educate their officers. (Source: the The image below illustrates the Duluthian conception of domestic "power and control". Its illustrators listed the tactics they believe men use to control their wives. Interestingly, feminism routinely uses almost all of these tactics in order to control men.

In that first entry, I adduced evidence that feminism makes use of all the tactics it lists in the 'Using Isolation' sector of its wheel of 'Power and Control'. In the second entry I adduced evidence that feminism makes use of all the tactics listed in the 'Minimizing, Denying, & Blaming' sector of that wheel. In this entry I'll adduce evidence that feminism makes use of all the tactics listed in the 'Using Intimidation' sector of the wheel. 

A number of the pictures that I've used in this article depict members of the militant feminist group Femen. However, many other pictures, as well as the videos, do not depict members of that group. Nevertheless, perhaps some readers will feel tempted to dismiss the violent behaviour documented in this entry as limited to a group of radicals. I discourage you from doing so. Consider this analogy: relatively few of the people who staff Exxon Mobil do its accounting; nevertheless, its accounting gets done. Likewise, it does not matter how many feminists perpetrate the kind of intimidation depicted in this entry; what matters is whether enough feminists perpetrate it. This entry evinces the existence of a number of well organized groups that perpetrate that behaviour on behalf of feminism. 

1. Using actions in order to inspire fear. 

  • Feminism protested a University of Toronto lecture about the higher rate of suicide among men and boys. They physically blocked the would-be attendees from entering the lecture hall and starred at them in order to intimidate them. 

  • Erin Pizzey is the founder of the UK's first women's refuge, and a woman who many regard as eventuating the efforts to establish such refuges in other countries. In the video inset below this paragraph, she discusses some of feminism's intimidation tactics and the effects of those tactics. 

  • The first video inset below this paragraph depicts a proportionately great number of feminism's representatives intimidating a small group of men's issues advocates who had met to discuss fathers' issues. The second video includes audio that evinces the fact that feminism successfully intimidated the men's issues advocates; consequently, they  called security for protection. 

2. Using gestures in order to inspire fear. 

Feminism makes use of gestures in order to intimidate its opponents. Some of the gestures seem intended to  degrade its opponents; however most of the gestures seem to suggest that opposition to feminism will provoke it to violence.

(Note that these women do not advocate equality, rather they
advocate the priority of women's rights over men's rights, as 
evinced by the demand for 'women's rights first' painted on 
two of the women depicted in this photograph.)

3. Using expressions in order to inspire fear. 

4. Smashing things

Duluth lists destruction of property in its wheel of power and control, but it also lists "smashing things". Evidently, according to Duluth, smashing things is a special kind of destruction of property. Accordingly, in this section, I've adduced evidence only of feminism smashing, or threatening to smash, in order to attain their ends. 
  • The suffragettes eventuated important social changes. However they used terrorism, among other tactics, in order to do so. As this entry, and subsequent entries, will evince, their terrorist acts were the first of a centurial history of using violence in order to attain their ends. Below this paragraph, I've inset two excerpts from this Wikipedia article. In accordance with the criterion for inclusion in this section of the entry, both excerpts report that feminists "smashed" other's property in order to attain their ends. 

  • The image inset below this paragraph depicts a representative of feminism smashing the head of a wax statue that resembles Vladimir Putin. 

  • Duluth seems to believe that smashing is a special kind of destruction. Accordingly, I judged it appropriate to include evidence of the desires to smash that feminism expresses.

5. Destroying property
  • The video inset below this paragraph depicts two teenage sisters making use of the UCSB's 'free speech zone' in order to advocate pro-life policies and their interaction with an angered Dr. Miller-Young, a professor of feminism employed by the university, who forcibly takes their posters, and soon after, assaults them. A judge convicted the professor of grand theft, vandalism, and battery. I'd characterize my opinions about abortion-policy as pro-choice. However, I believe everyone ought to enjoy the right to express their opinion. This professor of feminism destroyed the property of two students in order to deny them that right. 

  • I used the excerpt inset below this paragraph in the 'smashing things' section. However, it describes so much other feminist destruction, that I think there's justification to include it in this section too. 

  • The two images inset below this paragraph depict a representative of feminism using a chainsaw to fell a crucifix. 

  • The image inset below this paragraph depicts a topless representative of feminism stealing a representation of baby Jesus from a nativity scene during Christmas mass. 

  • The video inset below this paragraph depicts a horde of feminist protesters vandalizing a church. 

  • Miscellaneous feminist vandalism used by feminists in order to intimidate their opposition. 

('kill all men' written on the left)

6. Displaying weapons

I've organized the pictures and video inset below this paragraph according to the salience of the weapons. The first image depicts a demand to arm feminism, the second depicts a representation of an automatic weapon, the third depicts representations of explosives, the fourth depicts feminism brandishing sperm cannons. After those images, I've inset images of feminism brandishing actual weapons as well as a video that depicts feminism shooting an unsuspecting man in the head 

7. Conclusion

The actions of feminism have satisfied the criteria for the 'Using Intimidation' section of the Duluthian wheel of power and control. 

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  1. Excellent photo-essay and commentary. I commend you for your work here.