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Is feminism feminism's ideal abusive spouse?

Patriarchal dominance theory informs feminist anti-violence programs, such as the Duluth Model, which is the model used most commonly by police forces to educate their officers. (Source: the The image below illustrates the Duluthian conception of domestic "power and control". Its illustrators listed the tactics they believe men use to control their wives. Interestingly, feminism routinely uses almost all of these tactics in order to control men. 

Using Isolation
  • Controlling what he reads.
    • Deciding whether he may view pornography. 

    • Deciding whether he may read men's magazines, such as Maxim. 

    • Controlling what music he listens to. 

    • Deciding what characters he may portray in video games.  
    • Controlling the content of his education

    • Controlling what movies and television programs he watches.

(We can do better - we can eliminate the portrayal of violence
against women in movies and television programs. But the
increasingly common depiction of violence against men, we'll 
leave that in place. See examples below)

(In Kill Bill, Uma Thurman's fiance betrays her, in response,
she sets out to kill him, and, out of necessity, his henchmen.)

(She succeeds fantastically. I don't know of
any movie that portrays a man killing so
many women. Feminism took no issue with
this movie.)

(The authors of this list of important feminist films believed
that the depiction of violence against men solely merited
including the two aforedepicted films on the list.)

(In first two Hunger Games movies, "Action-film" feminism 
depicts Katniss  Everdeen killing four times more males than

(Feminism complained about this commercial from CougarLife, and
successfully banned it from television.)

(However, feminism took no issue with the following, arguably 
more violent, commercial for KFC, which aired concurrently.)

To summarize this section, feminism has controlled, or attempted to control, the books, the movies, the television, the video games, the magazines, the music, and the education, that influences men. In other words, feminism attempts to, and often succeeds at, deciding what messages influence men. 

  • Controlling what he does
    • Controlling what sports he plays. 
    • Controlling how he pees. 

    •  Controlling how he sits.

    • Deciding whether the toilet seat is to be left up or down.

Feminism attempts to, and often successfully, dictates what men do. Including the sports that a man may play, the etiquette he must abide, and even how the may sit in public, and how he may pee. 
  • Controlling where he goes
    • Controlling the existence of male-safe spaces.
      • E.g. Controlling the creation of male-safe spaces for students.
      • E.g. Controlling whether shelters for abused men may persist.
(Feminist efforts bankrupted the only men's refuge in Canada)

    • Deciding what spaces he may enter.

(Feminists pressured Scouts Canada to accept both genders)

(Yet Guiding Canada still accepts only girls)

(All over the world, feminists have successfully advocated for the 
elimination of de facto boy's sports leagues. Now, as is the case for 
guiding and scouting, the traditionally male organizations must 
implement co-ed enrollment policies, while the traditionally 
female organizations may, and do, choose not to do so.)
Feminism has advocated for, or approved of, the elimination of men's spaces, such as university men's centers, men's colleges, de facto men's sports leagues, men's washrooms, men's community groups, and men's refuge centers. Contrariwise, feminism has advocated for, or approved of, the creation or conservation of women's refuge centers, women's university centers, women's colleges, women's athletic facilities, women's sports leagues, women's community groups, more spacious women's subway cars, women's taxis, and more spacious women's parking spaces. In summary, feminism has ensured that women enjoy the freedom to go anywhere in society, and has restricted men from enjoying the same freedom.
  • Controlling who he looks at and talks to. 
    • Deciding whether he may look at a woman

(The Good Men Project is a Feminist Publication. See Below)

    • Controlling whether, and how, he may talk to women. 

(No conversation with women allowed.)

(Men must appreciate women's "ability" to express emotion)

(Men must never use "like a girl" as an insult, but women
may pejoratively remark 'You're such a man' to one another)  

(Men must never express concern for a woman by advising her 
to smile. No matter whether smiling does, in fact, promote

(Men must not post degrading memes about women on social 
media. However, women may do so, as depicted above.)

(When a man speaks to a woman he must spend as much
time speaking to that woman as she demands.)

(Men must tolerate women's anger.  No man may non-
confrontationally hint that he would like an angry woman
 to behave calmly.)

(No man may inform a woman that she is clueless about 
leadership in the same way he would inform a man of the 
same. E.g. "Fred, shut the fuck up you have no idea what 
you're saying." Additionally, no man may inform a woman 
that she is clueless about leadership in a manner any more, 
or any less, confrontational than that. In other words, no man
may inform a woman that she is clueless about leadership,
no matter whether she is, in fact, clueless about it.)
Feminism dictates whether a man may speak to, or look at, women, and dictates, in fine detail, how he may do so. 
  • Limiting his outside involvement.
    • Deciding whether he may gather with other men to resolve men's issues.
      • E.g. Interrupting every men's issues event on Canadian campuses. 

(U of T)

      • E.g. attempting to prevent the first International Conference on Men's Issues from taking place
    • Controlling what public events he participates in. 
      • E.g. Gay Pride.

      • E.g. The Equality Day music festival

Whenever men have gathered to discuss issues such as suicide, homelessness, childlessness, or other men's issues, feminists have intervened in order to "deny them space to organize". Feminism has successfully limited men's outside involvement with one another. 
  • Using jealousy to justify actions

I feel that man-hating is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them. — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine, editor
I hate men doesn’t mean I hate you. It means I hate your position in this world. It means I'm not obligated to like you. It means I don’t have to talk to you if I don’t want to. It means I get to have my space and I don’t have to dance for you, smile at you, or soothe you, and you can put up with me being wary of you, can’t you, because the world has a fucking red carpet waiting for you wherever you go.— Samantha Allen, Salon Magazine, writer.
    Writers for the three most read feminist magazines use jealously to justify their controlling behaviour. 
    I have adduced multifarious evidence that evinces feminism's use of isolation as a means to control men. The way that feminism does so satisfies its own criteria for the use of isolation as a means of control.

    In subsequent entries I will adduce evidence that evinces the fact that feminism's actions satisfy nearly all of the criteria for each element of its own conception of the controlling spouse.

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