Friday, 25 July 2014

Elite Misandrists I: Jan Johnstone of Ontario's NDP and Twitter's Id Johnson

A tweet from Canadian Politician representing the New Democratic Party in the Heron-Bruce constituency and Bluewater Bay School Board TrusteeJan Johnstone

Jan Johnstone of Ontario's NDP implicates, rather explicitly, that she doesn't care about men. Ms.Jan Johnstone dismissed, out of hand, the lost lives of 3600 Native Canadian men. Before you vote on the people we send to Queen's Park, and on the people you want directing the education of your children, please consider Jan Johnstone's reply and ask yourself whether you believe Jan Johnstone cares equally about every life, regardless of the sex of the person living it.

The following image is a screen-grab of a conversation with a Twitter user who uses the handle Id Johnson. If you look closely at her user-image you'll see it has a number of venus-symbols stuck in the ground like gravestones and bears the caption 'Stop Violence against Women and Girls'. Evidently, like Jan Johnstone of Ontario's NDP, Id Johnson doesn't care about the well-being of men either:

When I asked Id Johnson whether she thought we ought to accept women hitting men, she asked me whether I regarded myself as a weak coward who could not physically restrain my partner until she 'cooled down', thereby implicating her conviction that society ought to accept female-on-male violence, and that society ought to expect men to restrain women instead of expecting women to restrain themselves.

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